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Available in Right or Left Handed, the “Vintage” TALON TS-3 Putter is a FACE BALANCED with a goose neck shaft.  The putter head is primarily triangle in shape and has a round hole in the back that can be used to pick your ball up from the putting surface. The White DIRECTIONAL POINTER lines connect with the white center ALIGNMENT LINE that runs parallel to two additional alignment lines making it very easy to aim the putter face to your intended target. This putter has a slightly heavy head which makes it easy to stroke in a pendulum motion building confidence and a consistent pendulum stroke.  The TALON TS-3 also comes with 2 reversible Kevflex insert plates. so  you can adjust your distance control without adjusting your putting stroke. The TALON TS-3  comes with a midsize Wynn pistol grip and a deluxe headcover. There are only 12 TALON TS-3 putters available for right handed golfers and 6 TALON TS-3 putters available in for left handed golfers.  Purchase yours today before they are obsolete.


Customize your SPEED and FEEL with the World's First 4 Speed Insert Plate Putters

• Includes Four Patented Kevflex™ ProFormance™ Inserts for Custom Feel and Playing Conditions
• Includes 2 Reversible Insert Plates:

• Soft Version (Burgundy and Green Inserts)
• Firm Version (Blue and Black Inserts).

• Smart Insert Technology™ for Pre-cise Feedback, Muscle Memory and Consistency
• Face Balanced – Huge Sweet Spot
• Extreme Heel/Toe Total Perimeter Weighting
• Sink More Putts With High MOI – Resists Twisting on Miss-hits
• Includes Custom Weight Kit


Choose Your SPEED and Your Desired FEEL


GREEN FACE – Recommended for extremely fast greens.  This insert is the softest allowed in golf by the USGA and measures at a firmness of 85 on an “A” Durometer

BURGANDY FACE – Recommended on medium to fast green speeds and measures at a firmness of 88 on an “A” Durometer. 


BLACK FACE – This insert measures at a firmness of 91 on an “A” Durometer and has the feel of a steel face but the benefits of the Kevflex true roll technology.

BLUE FACE – The firmest of the inserts measuring at 94 on an “A” Durometer.  This insert is recommended for slow greens speeds and/or wet greens.  This face has the feel of a steel face but the benefits of a Kevflex true roll technology.  

TALON TS-3 / 33 in


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