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The UST-Mamiya PROFORCE V2 HL shafts offer the same features as the PROFORCE V2 except these are designed for the golfers seeking a higher initial trajectory for longer carry.


Model #WeightFlexTorqueButt DiameterTip DiameterRaw LengthBall FlightParallel TipTrim CodeUPC
UST17809-WA51A4.5°0.610"0.335" Parallel46"High4"W5849009007302
UST17810-WR52R4.2°0.610"0.335" Parallel46"High4"W5849009007319
UST17811-WS52S4.2°0.610"0.335" Parallel46"High4"W5849009007326
UST17812-WR63R4.3°0.610"0.335" Parallel46"High4"W5849009007333
UST17813-WS63S4.2°0.610"0.335" Parallel46"High4"W5849009007340

UST-Mamiya ProForce V2 55 HL Graphite - Wood S Flex

SKU: UST17811-WS

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