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These are brand new and original TaylorMade Fujikura Speeder 65 graphite golf shafts. These were a stock shaft found in the TaylorMade SLDR S fairway woods. 0.350" tip diameter.


Model #WeightFlexTorqueButt DiameterTip DiameterRaw LengthBall FlightParallel TipTrim CodeUPC
A327320167A3.6°0.620"0.350" Parallel44"Mid-High5"W5






Trim CodeClubDriverAcer XV Ultimate Thriver Standard 3 WoodStandard 4 Wood
Acer XDS #3  
Standard 5 Wood
Acer XDS #4  
Acer XDS #5Standard 7 Wood
Acer XDS #7
Acer XDS #9Acer XDS #11Acer XDS #13Acer XDS #15
W5Head Weight200 g215 g210 g215 g220 g225 g230 g235 g240 g245 g250 g
Tip Trim0 in.1 in.1 in.1.5 in.2 in.2 in.2 in.2 in.2 in.2 in.2 in.

TaylorMade Fujikura Speeder 65 Fairway Shaft - A Flex

SKU: A3273201

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