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Do you have troubles with conventional irons? The Orlimar Escape hybrid irons are the solution! Like their matching fairways, the Escape hybrids have a shallow face and a very low center of gravity. The sole is designed to minimize turf interaction which reduces the chance of digging into the ground for improved feel and performance. The Escape series is perfectly suited to all levels of golfers but are especially beneficial for seniors and ladies. Purchase as a set or a single specialty club for a specific shot you might need on your home course. Head material: Stainless steel / Shaft: Orlimar Escape Graphite / Grip: Orlimar Custom Velvet.



The Escape hybrid irons are designed for those who have troubles with conventional irons but don't want to transition to hybrid or Rescue clubs. No more second-guessing what club to hit from any distance as the Escape Hybrid Irons are direct replacement for your irons.


Model #HandClubLoftLieWeightOffsetBounceVolumeStd ClublengthHosel IDUPC
OR023884Right Hand#424°61°2490.5 mm70 cc38"0.370"819414023884
OR023891Right Hand#527°61.5°2560 mm70 cc37.5"0.370"819414023891
OR023907Right Hand#630°62°263-1 mm70 cc37"0.370"819414023907
OR023914Right Hand#734°62.5°270-2 mm70 cc36.5"0.370"819414023914
OR023921Right Hand#838°63°277-3 mm70 cc36"0.370"819414023921
OR023938Right Hand#942°63.5°284-4 mm70 cc35.5"0.370"819414023938
OR023945Right HandPW46°64°291-4 mm70 cc35"0.370"819414023945
OR024034Right Hand#321°60.5°2421 mm70 cc39.5"0.370"819414024034
OR024041Right Hand#424°61°2490.5 mm70 cc39"0.370"819414024041
OR024058Right Hand#527°61.5°2560 mm70 cc38.5"0.370"819414024058
OR024065Right Hand#630°62°263-1 mm70 cc38"0.370"819414024065
OR024072Right Hand#734°62.5°270-2 mm70 cc37.5"0.370"819414024072
OR024089Right Hand#838°63°277-3 mm70 cc37"0.370"819414024089
OR024096Right Hand#942°63.5°284-4 mm70 cc36.5"0.370"819414024096
OR024102Right HandPW46°64°291-4 mm70 cc36"0.370"819414024102
OR023952Right Hand#321°60.5°2421 mm70 cc39.5"0.370"819414023952
OR023969Right Hand#424°61°2490.5 mm70 cc39"0.370"819414023969
OR023976Right Hand#527°61.5°2560 mm70 cc38.5"0.370"819414023976
OR023983Right Hand#630°62°263-1 mm70 cc38"0.370"819414023983
OR023990Right Hand#734°62.5°270-2 mm70 cc37.5"0.370"819414023990
OR024003Right Hand#838°63°277-3 mm70 cc37"0.370"819414024003
OR024010Right Hand#942°63.5°284-4 mm70 cc36.5"0.370"819414024010
OR024027Right HandPW46°64°291-4 mm70 cc36"0.370"819414024027
OR121153Right Hand#424°61°2490.5 mm70 cc39"0.370"810022121153
OR121160Right Hand#527°61.5°2560 mm70 cc38.5"0.370"810022121160
OR121177Right Hand#630°62°263-1 mm70 cc38"0.370"810022121177
OR121184Right Hand#734°62.5°270-2 mm70 cc37.5"0.370"810022121184
OR121191Right Hand#838°63°277-3 mm70 cc37"0.370"810022121191
OR121207Right Hand#942°63.5°284-4 mm70 cc36.5"0.370"810022121207
OR121214Right HandPW46°64°291-4 mm70 cc36"0.370"810022121214


Orlimar Golf Escape Hybrid (RH) #7 Graphite Shaft - L Flex

SKU: OR023914

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