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Are you looking for a series of easy to hit fairway woods? Do you need a hybrid replacement? Or a single specialty club? The Orlimar Escape is a unique full set of fairway woods available in hard-to-find #9, #11, #13, and #15 wood. The Escape shallow faced fairway woods features a very low center of gravity to launch the ball high and land the ball softly on the green from a wide range of distances and ground conditions. The Escape series is perfectly suited to all levels of golfers but are especially beneficial to seniors and ladies. Super lightweight shafts ideal for golfers with reduced to moderate speeds. These can be mixed and matched with the Escape hybrid irons for a uniquely customized set. Head material: Stainless steel / Shaft: Orlimar Escape Graphite / Grip: Orlimar Custom Velvet



The Orlimar Escape Fairway is a series of specialty clubs all the way to a 15-wood!  What is a 15-wood? Well, before there were hybrid golf clubs, high-lofted fairway woods existed to replace irons.  Their larger footprint made them much easier to hit too.  



In golf club design, the benefit of a low center of gravity (CG) results into creating a higher ball flight so the ball lands softly on the green.



The advantage of using a shallow face design is to make it easier to hit the ball from tight lies off of the fairway.



The Orlimar Escape Fairway Wood covers distances from traditional #3 wood down to an 8 or 9 iron.


Model #HandClubLoftLieWeightFace AngleFace HeightVolumeStd ClublengthHosel IDUPC
OR023662Right Hand#316°58°2181° Closed32 mm165 cc42"0.335"819414023662
OR023679Right Hand#519°58.5°2230.5° Closed 145 cc41.5"0.335"819414023679
OR023686Right Hand#722°59°2280° Square 125 cc41"0.335"819414023686
OR023693Right Hand#926°59.5°2330° Square 120 cc40.5"0.335"819414023693
OR023709Right Hand#1130°60°2380° Square 120 cc40"0.335"819414023709
OR023716Right Hand#1334°60.5°2430° Square 110 cc39.5"0.335"819414023716
OR023723Right Hand#1538°61°2480° Square 100 cc39"0.335"819414023723
OR023808Right Hand#316°58°2181° Closed32 mm165 cc43"0.335"819414023808
OR023815Right Hand#519°58.5°2230.5° Closed 145 cc42.5"0.335"819414023815
OR023822Right Hand#722°59°2280° Square 125 cc42"0.335"819414023822
OR023839Right Hand#926°59.5°2330° Square 120 cc41.5"0.335"819414023839
OR023846Right Hand#1130°60°2380° Square 120 cc41"0.335"819414023846
OR023853Right Hand#1334°60.5°2430° Square 110 cc40.5"0.335"819414023853
OR023860Right Hand#1538°61°2480° Square 100 cc40"0.335"819414023860
OR023730Right Hand#316°58°2181° Closed32 mm165 cc43"0.335"819414023730
OR023747Right Hand#519°58.5°2230.5° Closed 145 cc42.5"0.335"819414023747
OR023754Right Hand#722°59°2280° Square 125 cc42"0.335"819414023754
OR023761Right Hand#926°59.5°2330° Square 120 cc41.5"0.335"819414023761
OR023778Right Hand#1130°60°2380° Square 120 cc41"0.335"819414023778
OR023785Right Hand#1334°60.5°2430° Square 110 cc40.5"0.335"819414023785
OR023792Right Hand#1538°61°2480° Square 100 cc40"0.335"819414023792
OR121122Right Hand#316°58°2181 d Closed32 mm165 cc43"0.335"810022121122
OR121139Right Hand#519°58.5°2230.5 d Closed 145 cc42.5"0.335"810022121139
OR121146Right Hand#722°59°228Square 125 cc42"0.335"


Orlimar Golf Escape Fairway Wood (RH) #9 Graphite Shaft - Lite Flex

SKU: OR023839

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