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Draw Enhancing Driver

The Acer XDS driver is designed for the vast majority of golfers to experience a distance-enhancing draw off the tee. Features internal heel-weighting which shifts the center of gravity closer to the hosel, assists squaring the face up at impact and enhancing gear effect to impart draw spin. Coupled with the lighter crown and increased head mass ensures greater energy transfer to the ball as well as optimal forgiveness. Additional screw weights available to fine-tune swingweight and/or assembly lengths. Comes with stock 7g screw.



Have you ever heard the term “draw bias” to describe a particular clubhead model?

Well if not, then you may want to listen up. Golfers who struggle with a fade, push or even slice should be aware of this terminology and how it could very well help you to hit the ball straighter and further.  Even for those that hit the ball relatively straight may find draw biased or as I like to put it “draw enhancing” to your liking.  Contrary to common belief these will not make what would normally be a straight ball flight and turn into a hook.  But a draw flight will often provide more roll and overall more distance.


Model #HandClubLoftLieWeightFace AngleFace HeightVolumeStd ClublengthHosel IDUPC
TM14587-001-1050Right HandDriver10.5°58°2040° Square55.5 mm460 cc45"0.335" 
TM14587-001-1200Right HandDriver12°58°2040° Square55.5 mm460 cc45"0.335" 
TML14587-001-1050Left HandDriver10.5°58°2040° Square55.5 mm460 cc45"0.335" 

Acer XDS Titanium Driver (RH) 10.5° - Club head ONLY

SKU: TM14587-001-1050